Amity University Dubai

Secured your admissions at AMITY University Dubai and looking to start a vibrant search for a student accommodation?

KSK Homes Welcomes you!

We know having the right student community base is a big deal, and we’re here to help you find the best student community that suits your budget as well.

Whether you’re looking for privacy or looking to save money on a shared room or wanting to live with your bestie, choose your space somewhere that’s right for you.

Perhaps you’re looking for somewhere close to campus then KSK Homes is just 2 mins away. Need to attend important lectures or have a chat with your friends on campus, our multiple shuttle services will have you sorted, that’s not all from free amenities to no utility bills we will make sure that’s included in your budget. Whatever you’re looking for from cinema rooms to visiting the iconic landmarks in Dubai, we have everything covered for you.

Best of all, you will make new friends daily from different universities.




Why stay at KSK Homes?

Earn while you learn only while staying at KSK Homes
Take advantage of all the amenities on board with zero utility bills and a memorable student experience.
You will be a part of the largest student community in DIAC with the largest entertainment facility surrounded by academic and corporate opportunities.

your commute to university


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