BITS Pilani Dubai
BITS Pilani Dubai

Are you thinking of studying engineering in Dubai?

Well, Dubai has a lot to offer, studying engineering brings prestige. It sets you up for professional success and you’ll be ready to solve any problem under the sun. It brings financial security and you will get a chance to improve the world. And if you have already cleared that entrance exam with flying colors and secured your admission in BITS Pilani Dubai, there is nothing that stops you from living you best engineering student life.

Located 3 mins away from your university, we welcome you to KSK Homes which is the best student accommodation to be in Dubai Academic City.

If you are an international student or a local student, don’t waste time travelling to Abu Dhabi or Sharjah, just live next door.

From multiple shuttle services to your university doorstep to an all-inclusive utility bill, to sharing a room with your friend or living independently in a secure environment, you need not worry about missing your important lecture or project submission. We provide a community that will help you socially and academically. Need a solo study space or space for an important group project, we have all the requirements that you need to lead a best student life. From room cleaning, to free amenities to social activities and cinema screenings, it’s all on us.

Still no convinced, give us a call or take a virtual tour of our student community.




Why stay at KSK Homes?

Earn while you learn only while staying at KSK Homes
Take advantage of all the amenities on board with zero utility bills and a memorable student experience.
You will be a part of the largest student community in DIAC with the largest entertainment facility surrounded by academic and corporate opportunities.

your commute to university


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