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One of the world’s most famous underdog stories is that of Dubai. A small city-state located in the Middle East, Dubai had very humble beginnings. It was mostly all sand with a few buildings. All of that has changed in recent years and Dubai has become a hub for trade, commerce, and tourism. It is a wonderful place to study.

KSK Homes is conveniently located at the center of Academic City, only 4 minutes away from Curtin University. It is the best student accommodation providing all the facilities students need to enjoy their student’s lives. From spacious rooms offered in both single and twin configurations, dedicated study pods for individual and group work, a communal kitchen where students can be creative and cook for themselves, a pool, and a fully equipped gym, just to name a few. Dedicated shuttle services mean that you are always on time to university and you will always be stocked up on groceries thanks to shopping trips every night.

Be prepared for wonderful student experience at KSK homes and we look forward to having you with us.




Why stay at KSK Homes?

Earn while you learn only while staying at KSK Homes
Take advantage of all the amenities on board with zero utility bills and a memorable student experience.
You will be a part of the largest student community in DIAC with the largest entertainment facility surrounded by academic and corporate opportunities.

your commute to university


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