Manipal University Dubai

Looking to study in Dubai or already a Dubai resident looking for a student accommodation to skip the Sharjah or Abu Dhabi traffic having secured an admission at Manipal University?

Dubai has a lot to offer, from its sandy beaches to iconic landmarks to the best eatery outlets in Dubai. Don’t waste time searching for student accommodation when you can live your best student life at KSK Homes just 1 minute under a budget.

From multiple shuttle services to uni to the best laughter with your friends, live under one roof with no utility bills to pay. From Thursday movie nights’ free popcorn to Friday Tour trips, we will make sure your student life is memorable in Dubai.

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Why stay at KSK Homes?

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Take advantage of all the amenities on board with zero utility bills and a memorable student experience.
You will be a part of the largest student community in DIAC with the largest entertainment facility surrounded by academic and corporate opportunities.

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