My name is Dina Kassab, I am a young French clinical psychologist of 23 years old who decided to pursue a master’s degree in Dubai to become a life and business coach. I am also the founder of a psychological organization for young people called Di Paradise in Paris.

Maybe the first question that can come to your mind is (like everyone asks me here « WHY STUDY IN DUBAI? Isn’t everything better in Europe? Well! with my feet on the sand with the sea at 10 cm from them, the sun embracing my skin, I couldn’t disagree more with this statement. And, in Paris, I had the complete inverse reaction when I first presented my intention to study in Dubai. Indeed, developing countries who have been deprived of the advantages of the sun, going to Dubai was pretty exciting. The grass always looks green on the other side, anyway.

But let me tell you what happened because it is certainly not just a question of sun and the beach that this uncommon situation happened even if I won’t deny that it played a big role in it.

As I wanted to study abroad to pursue my master’s degree, thinking of maybe an Arab country but in a convenient environment (yes, I felt like reconnecting with my wild origins), I found that this Scottish university Herriott-Watt in Dubai which offered Masters of Business psychology and coaching in their Dubai Campus. At first sight, it seemed to answer all of my questions: studying away from Europe but still in a good university, the atmosphere of an Arab country but still the occidental and modern lifestyle and finally a paradisiac frame and weather (of course except the summer).

Even if I was aware of all the clichés of this astonishing city (superficial, luxurious, expensive, etc.), the advantages that were more and more emphasized by the stories I heard, started convincing me that certainly, I may enjoy the Dubai experience.

Well, it turned out to be the most enriching decision I ever took.

Living abroad in Dubai, being a student there and trying to maintain a balance between my personal and professional life and also my well-being had taught me a lot and is still is. That is why I felt like sharing my experiences and what I learned from it could certainly be beneficial for others.

So to all the students around the world who are curious to know how is it to study in Dubai, are studying in Dubai or that just want some advice to manage better the student life, you may benefit from this series