Heriot Watt University Dubai

Welcome to Dubai! Home of the Burj Khalifa and referred to as the tourist capital of the Middle East.

Your life in Dubai is going to be very exciting. With many things to do and many things to explore in this great city, you will experience the heartbeat of the city for yourselves. The time you spend here will be extremely memorable and you will never have a dull moment.

KSK Homes offer a very convenient shuttle bus service that operates around the clock with shopping trips every night and tourist trips on the weekend. KSK Homes is the finest student community in Dubai, located in the heart of Dubai Academic City, only 30 minutes away from your new campus. Spacious student rooms offered in both single and twin configuration, a lounge with a big TV on every floor, a communal space equipped with numerous pool tables, table tennis tables, foosball, a movie theatre which screens a movie every Thursday with free popcorn, and a gaming room equipped with a PS4 along with the latest games, there is never a dull moment at KSK Homes.

Be productive with our study pods which allow students to work on individual or group projects, work on assignments, and pull off all-nighters before an important exam.

Be prepared to make plenty of friends and memories with your friends in Dubai, made possible through KSK Homes.



Why stay at KSK Homes?

Earn while you learn only while staying at KSK Homes
Take advantage of all the amenities on board with zero utility bills and a memorable student experience.
You will be a part of the largest student community in DIAC with the largest entertainment facility surrounded by academic and corporate opportunities.

your commute to university


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